We work on achieving sustainable development goals in health sector. We are the healthcare practitioners trusted gate to acquire competency & leadership through professional training. Our services extend to hospital & ambulatory practice. We add value through national accreditations & international affiliations. We are reachable through digital technology & physical interaction. Partnership with eminent practitioners & beacons of practice through evidence-based standards is our added value.


To become the global leader in healthcare professional training



  • Health care providers
    • Pharmacists
      • Community
      • Hospital
      • Industry
      • Research
      • Trials
  • Primary care Physicians
  • Nursing


  • Hands on practical courses
    • Aseptic compounding
  • TPN
  • Chemotherapy
  • Non-hazardous
  • Online training & case studies
    • TPN order writing & verification
    • Basic oncology practice
    • Introduction to clinical trials
  • Pharmacy preparatory courses for board certification
    • Nutrition Support
    • Oncology


  • Hospital based pharmacy Departments
  • Faculties of pharmacy continuing education department
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Primary care hospitals
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Aseptic compounding centers
  • Drug Authorities