Manual TPN Compounding (Basic level)


Course duration:

  • 2 weeks
  • Total hours:8 hours (online teaching)
  • One day practical workshop (5 hours): manual compounding of a TPN order

About this course:

PN is a high alert IV admixture solution of a complex prescription preparation used in a wide variety of clinical conditions for patients across the age spectrum. Pharmacists’ role in patient safety is growing. Safety & Quality are main pillars in compounding pharmacy practice.

Topics to be covered:

  • Components of TPN bag
  • Methods of PN administration
  • Types of PN admixtures
  • Stability, BUD & Hang time
  • Calcium & Phosphorus Solubility
  • ILE compatibility
  • Aseptic compounding of a PN prescription
  • Labelling
  • Final Checking of a TPN bag

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